Sunday, 19 June 2011

Southern Hemisphere Green Arrives

I thought I'd do a quick post as were taking a delivery of new season New Zealand hops on Monday. I'm excited about the new season Nelson Sauvin & Riwaka varieties.

Nelson for its unmistakable fruity hop punch with almost a white wine zing & Riwaka for their pungent citrus grapefruit quality, superb for aroma.

We also have some NZ Cascade arriving which I have never brewed with before, but I'm expecting a similar outcome as US Cascade that we all know & love.

Can't wait to stick my head in a bag of NZ's best.
Also in another exciting development the 'Galaxy' variety from Australia is due to arrive next month, another punchy high alpha variety with an amazing aroma. Some of you may have been lucky enough to try this hop in a Thornbridge special 'Galaxia' a few months back. It's the first time this variety has become commercially available in the UK so expect some new exciting beers debuting around the country.

Cones brimming with Lupulin
As yet I'm still undecided on what to brew with these goodies but you can certainly expect some tasty low abv pales with a NZ influence & a big South Pacific IPA or two, will have to get my creative cap on & come up with some innovative southern hemisphere inspired stuff.

As for this week we've got a full brewing schedule which will include our new session pales 'Polestar', 'Ensign' & 'The Benz'.

'The Benz' is going to be different to say the least, it's a pitch black mild come stout at 5.2%, a soft roast bitterness, low hop bitterness profile finished with an insane amount of dry hopping just to mess with your head.

I've decided to describe this beer as an 'aromatic black ale' & as ever I look forward to hearing your feedback once it hits the pumps.

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