Friday, 4 March 2011

Wikio Blog Rankings - March Preview

So the jolly nice people at Wikio have this month kindly offered me a sneak preview of the new beer & wine blog rankings for March.

1Pencil & Spoon +1
2Pete Brown's Blog +1
3Beer Reviews +3
4Master Brewer at Adnams +13
5Bibendum Wine
7Drinking Outside The Box
8Reluctant Scooper
9Sour Grapes
10The Wine Conversation
12Tandleman's Beer Blog -4
13Are You Tasting the Pith? -4
14Called to the bar
15Raising the Bar +31
16Rabid About Beer -6
17EpicBeerKel's BeeRevolution
18The Good Stuff +4
19The Pub Curmudgeon -12
20Real Brewing at the Sharp End
Ranking made by Wikio

Plenty of movers & shakers this month but the first thing I noticed was BrewDog's absence from the rankings, I have no idea whether this is deliberate omission or not. They were usually hovering around the top spot & I had heard rumblings from other bloggers that they felt BrewDog's blog is an advertorial & doesn't belong in the rankings, so maybe Wikio have addressed this but I'm not sure.

I am delighted with how my blog rose 31 places to 15th in the rankings but I believe this may be a temporary effect of the huge interest my post regarding Kevin created.

Congratulations to Mark from Pencil & Spoon for taking top spot this month I particularly enjoyed his BrewDog post recently.

Also a mention for Andy from Beer Reviews which climbed to the lofty position of 3rd! Well done Andy!

And a mention for Leigh at The Good Stuff, for sticking around the top 20 for his informative & enjoyable musings on a wide range of beers wherever he may find them, Leigh's blog is Leeds longest running beer blog & it's nice to see his dedication paying off.

So there you have it, BrewDog gone from the rankings, do you agree or disagree?

Apparently BrewDog are still in the general rankings, they are 341st in the overall blog ranking system out of over 18 & a half thousand blogs, but have disappeared from the wine & beer category for some strange reason.


BeerReviewsAndy said...

woah i think im getting a nosebleed....

nice one to see Leigh doing well, he's a top guy and knows his footy too (despite being a leeds fan)

Baron Orm said...

A big well done to everyone who is in the top 20 especially those that climbed into that arena this month.

I think it's only fair that BrewDog have gone (or been lowered) as their site (and blog) is all about what they are selling next rather than a more personal look inside the brewery.

If Martin Dickie had a blog, or DogMair's rose to the top of the pile then that would be fine.

Well done for getting to no. 15 though!

Simon Johnson said...

If the Brewdog blog isn't included on the basis that it's 'advertorial' for its own products, then what about the other brewer blogs on the list?

What about the other blogs that are nothing more than thinly-veiled adverts for the free beer received?

Leigh said...

BR Andy - hey! I'll have none of that nonsense from a Magpie! I know my stuff BECAUSE i'm Leeds! lol. Thanks for the kudos, guys. It's a bit erratic, this Wikio lark. In respect of the BD blog - I'm with Si. Although initially it sort of feels that BD Blog has the advantage that we 'amateurs' don't; it's really no different to Raising the Bar, or Thornbridge's blog. Or - Even - the 'pro' bloggers out there such as Pete, Zak, ATJ, and Melissa. Upon leaving my ego at the door, I'm actually really proud (and always have been) that the 'Beer Community' that we have welcomes both pro and amatuer with open arms. And yes - i am jealous that I don't get any free beer!! (well, not that often).

Baron Orm said...

The BrewDog site is not just a blog though, it's a full website with the blog as section of it.

Does anyone know if the Wikio stuff just looks at hits & links to the blog pages or does it take into account the entire site?

As far as free beer blogs (which I assume you are at least partly directing at me) I think that it's only fair to publicly thank people when they spent time & money to send out free beer.

A couple of inbound links to their site or where you can buy it from seems only fair doesn't it?

The main reason for my baron rating site is a personal ticklist of the bottled ales that I've tried and whether I like them or not - I thought putting it on the web might be fun, and it's been very rewarding so far.

Also as you can see from my own blog ranking, thanking people for sending me free beer hasn't put be in the top 20 yet and I doubt it will. Maybe if I was consistently the number one site then it might be different...

Simon Johnson said...

@baron orm - not aimed at you at all, at least you're honest and credit your sources. Nothing wrong with that; on the contrary, it's the level of transparency that's needed.

The whole Wikio idea is so over-rated. I know what it takes to climb the rankings, my own position this month as a case in point. And I've no stomach for playing that game. Given the only people who give two shits about the ranking are the bloggers themselves.

For the record, I declined the opportunity to share the results this month. Every couple of months, I ask Wikio to remove me from their system, never sure how I got on there in the first place. Still no joy.

Baron Orm said...


Thanks for clearing things up, I was starting to worry that you were not happy with me for a while there :)

As with all web/blog/twitter 'tools' wikio has an importance to a certain group of people (I certainly like to see where I am in the rankings out of personal interest) and I'm sure it does drive traffic to the higher ranking blogs.

I do wonder like you though about it's importance - Technorati used to be a massive site to try and get ranking on, can't remember the last time someone mentioned it though...

BeerReviewsAndy said...

It's all just a bit of fun isn't it?

I quite like seeing the results each month...

Simon Johnson said...

Nah, it's all bollocks.

Rankings are divisive and illusory.

It's only beer.