Thursday, 6 January 2011

Schooner the better!

News that the 2/3rd's of a pint measure is to be legalised in the UK leapt into the limelight this week & has had mixed receptions in various quarters. Speaking with a beer lovers hat on I have to say this news is most welcome, the way beer is served in the UK is getting a lot of 'airtime' in the beer world at the minute & this news will refocus the debate yet again.

The nature of beer in the UK is changing, stronger beers are becoming more popular in that brewers are brewing more of them, consumers are drinking more of them so it seems wise to facilitate more ways of serving them. There are voices who see this as step towards making Britain more continental in style, cafe-bars, restaurants & craft beer houses serving smaller measures of artisan higher abv. beers that are better enjoyed in smaller quantities. I certainly see this as an opportunity to bring beer closer to the food industry giving scope to match beer in a more appropriate measure with food is an avenue that should be explored.

In the US there is a culture of drinking smaller measures of higher abv. beer, small amounts of quality over copious amounts of mediocrity. I do see the UK adopting some of this mentality & to a certain extent it's happening already & this move will only facilitate the beer market to evolve further.

However the 'session' beer served pints is still the king in the UK & will continue to be so, as I think the pint is deeply ingrained in British drinking culture. This new measure does not pose a threat to the pint nor the British pub, it is infact one of those welcome sideshows that will enable craft beer to blossom in the UK.

Also the ability to showcase beer in stemmed glassware & to rival wine & appeal to a wider market including the huge potential of attracting more female beer drinkers into the market she not be underestimated.

All in all a good move, giving the drinks trade more flexibility in the current market is not a negative move & can only be good for the industry.

Up the beer revolution!

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