Saturday, 24 July 2010

Brewdog: Good for Craft Beer??

Now that the rodent filled furor of Brewdog's latest headline grabber has started to subside & the avalanche of press coverage it's created wanes, it's time the look back on their eventful year and ask the question;

'Are Brewdog good for craft beer?'.

If you look at it from a beer purists point of view they have sent craft beer hurtling into the world headlines thus raising the profile of the entire craft scene in the UK & all over the world. I am in no doubt that there must be more craft beer lovers in the UK now than before Brewdog's 2007 conception.

Brewdog have been heavily criticised over the recent year not least for the abv's of some of their offerings but some of their marketing tact too. However if you look a little deeper at Brewdog, past the headlines and into their business brains, what you will find is two savvy young business men who have managed to engage such a captive audience who hang on every latest announcement with bated breath like some kind of mass hypnosis!

In marketing terms you cannot buy this kind of coverage & access to media, regardless of your personal stance on Brewdog, EVERYONE is talking about them and they wouldn't have it any other way!

In my opinion Brewdog have earnt the right (to use an Americanism): 'run their mouths' because the beers they are producing are world class & get people talking about great beer isn't that what WE ARE ALL ABOUT?

From a business point of view what Brewdog have achieved in just 3 short years is staggering & unprecedented for a small brewery, surely they at least deserve some credit for this alone.

I only hope now they have hopefully settled the crazy quest for the world's highest abv. with 'The End of History'  beer,  they will get back to producing great innovative beers in sufficient volume for us all, after all we don't want their creative energies burning out just yet.

Whilst Brewdog won't be receiving Christmas cards from, Alcohol Concern, Portman Group, over zealous animal lovers,(although how taxidermy of roadkill is offensive I'll never know) oh & maybe a few Germans, this is a list I'm sure James, Martin & Co. nor the Craft Beer world will lose any sleep over. As long as no-one gets hurt, what's the problem?? It's all good natured with one thing at it's heart, something that James Watt has stressed again & again;

It's about Great Craft Beer!

And if they want to have fun in the process of raising the Craft Beer World's profile, why the hell not?!!

But lets get back to sanity & reality. & brew some beers we can all buy & drink....

So guys ...What about this new 15% stout loaded with Cocoa & Coffee...?

* Disclaimer: No Squirrels or Stoats were harmed in the production of this post.

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